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Let your customers carry your message to the market!


SUN-PRINT Denmark ApS is the biggest button company in Scandinavia. We have thousands of customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and in Great Britain.


We offer innovative and cost effective button campaigns to our customers and we use buttons as the new "Viral marketing advertising tool".


10.000 buttons in just 3-4 days

You will get high quality buttons and fast delivery times! For an example we can deliver you 10.000 buttons in just 3-4 days.




Save the VAT!

All prices are VAT free. When you order your buttons in Denmark at SUN-PRINT, your orders are VAT FREE. Just send us your Company Reg. No. and you will receive an invoice without VAT.


Our prices are very cost effective and flexible: You can order mutible designs without extra costs, you can order different types and sizes and still get the best prices.







Ordering buttons


Ordering options:
You can place your order either by phone or e-mail:
Phone:  +45 9815 3535
Mail:      info@sun-print.nl

Its easy and we will help you!


When you give us a call, you will speak with one of us: